realtime collaborative doodles

Posted in stuff by DS26 on 05.23.2010

COLLABORATION .  Magic word that describes that which we have to master in the profession of Architecture, and all related, but that is not instilled in us enough (or concretely) throughout our development.

We have found the solution… Doodle.

Yes. Doodle.

Doodling is good. Doodling is fun. What is better than a single doodle ? ~ a ‘collaborative doodle’.

‘Whiteboard’ by Scriblink is a cool new tool that, in real time, let’s you share your best (or worst) doodles with others.

Sketch a plan, or a bubble diagram. But… do Sketch. Sketch together. Sketch for others.

Do Collaborate. Do let loose. Do-odle with :  http://scriblink.com/


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