5 good reasons to attend the convention.. while in a recession

Posted in events, opinion, other architects by DS26 on 05.25.2010

this past weekend, in the mail, there it was… the AIA National Convention Badge.

along with it, a nice little ‘tap-n-go’ id card to be used at the exhibit hall; also it ensures you will get applicable CEU(s).



Networking with other architects can create a win-win… one meets people from near and far, and it can lead to a partnership, cross-country working relationship, or project collaboration in a new place; it can also open an opportunity for a  new project type.

If you’re an emerging professional, it gives you an opportunity to get in touch with established professionals.

Plus, many other professionals attend the convention: engineers, educators, manufacturing / sales representatives, etc.


Most of the conference are learning opportunities.

Sure one collects CEU(s) for state licensing maintenance requirements, and that’s great, but we cannot forget that this profession is in constant fast forward motion.

There are always new technologies, techniques, subjects, and professionals/specialists, and we must utilize the convention as a platform to learn, make progress, and continue our individual preparation to be better at practice.


In the past few weeks we’ve been following SANAA, and their award of the Pritzker this year.

There was a big event held, as there is every year, and there were some big names in attendance: Thom Mayne and Frank Gehry, among others.

Now, who would have not wanted to be there?.. rubbing shoulders with such big Architects?..

The AIA National Convention, similarly, will have in attendance many individuals you will also want to share the event with (and possibly a word.. if you dare.. & so you should).

You will be sure to see there this year’s AIA National Firm of the Year, Pugh+Scarpa. Probably will also see many other important local Architects like Oppenheim, or Zyscovich.

After all, anyone throughout the US, with a license to practice, has to meet the CEU(s) requirements.

Would you not want to be seen ?


A quote we’ve been using lately, and seems to have caught on is : “Be proactive, not reactive”.

We pulled the quote from a great book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, by S. Covey.

Being proactive is about being present, always. It also is about being ‘in action’.

If architecture is your passion, and practicing the profession is truly what you want to do with your life, then to be proactive is the one thing you owe yourself, and that no one can do for you; it will help you get there, whether there is the practice, or a better one.

Some people believe in luck, and honestly we do not really. You create your luck, and you do so by being at the right place, at the right time, and possibly speaking to/meeting the right person.

Above and beyond the being there, you must participate. Be a part, to set yourself apart…


Yes, you read correctly: Have a blast !

Think about it, busy days of events… then evenings to go out and enjoy yourself with people that are most likely a lot like you.

We breathe architecture; it is, for us, architecture all of the time, and sometimes that can be really heavy for those people outside of the profession.

How about 3 or 4 days of people that will love nothing more than to talk architecture, pritzker, design, materials, the last horrible meeting, or difficult permitting process… or about your latest success.

AND, this year, the AIA is hosting a SoBe (south beach) bar hopping night… you can’t get better.

Architects + Drinks + SoBe = A  P-A-R-T-Y !


Go Network, Learn, Be Proactive (not reactive), Be Seen, and go Party it up at this Year’s AIA National Convention.

Start with, like us, maybe updating your badge. Let those who see it see a bit of you.. it might spark a conversation.

What may seem as an expense is really an investment… An investment in yourself, in your future, and for your practice… For your benefit.

And, the ROI is sometimes so much more than you ever wanted, or even expected.



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