to Carl (& all others in the ‘angry’ boat)

Posted in opinion, other architects, stuff by DS26 on 05.27.2010

After my post “5 Good Reasons to attend the Convention…” I have noticed negative / angry comments toward the AIA.

I’d like to clarify… I was not put up to it. We gained nothing. They gained nothing.

A Carl commented on the article… and I quote “Blah, Blah, blah …”

All I want to know is the following Carl ( & all others in the ‘angry’ boat ) :

1. WHY are you waiting for the AIA to do anything for you?
2. HOW come you think that your dues should equal your livelihood?
3. WHEN did you decide that it is their fault (not the market’s, or your own for that matter ) that you are in the situation you are in?

Truth is, your dues you pay to simply belong… period.

I have seen people that have attempted to stay away from the AIA, political rebels and such, be unsuccessful…

No work ( not even in a good market ) for those people.

The AIA is the professional association that one must belong to ( like it or not ) to be taken seriously in this profession, in this country.
And I will add, the US is not the only one… also: RIBA, ‘Escuela(s)’ or ‘Colegio(s)’ ‘… de Arquitectos’ in various countries… etc.

So… I will ask a few other questions to Carl (& those in the ‘angry’ boat) :

WILL you stop it ?

CAN you be held accountable for your own actions & circumstances ?

WHY don’t you find your way back to the reasons you took on this profession in the first place, and reassess what you want out of it ?

AND, after that, why don’t you take action ? ( and i don’t mean go find a job that isn’t there… but then again, i do. When was the last time you learned a software?.. or made some true progress to meet what the profession is requiring ? – not the AIA, but the Profession… it is evolving !! )

HOW about adding some skills, or another trade ? Business ? Law ? Technology ? … all pertain.

IS it only about Money ?

DO you (still) love Architecture ? DID you ever ?


HOW ABOUT NOW.. do you still think the AIA owes you anything ? Or, do YOU OWE YOURSELF ?

*And, to all of you.. trust me I share your pain. Out of work for a year now… But, the difference between you and I ? ..

I am being “proactive” instead of “reactive”.

~ simply, food for thought !


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