what IF the earth did stand still ?..

Posted in opinion, responsibility, sustainability by DS26 on 06.04.2010

we watched a movie last night.. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” ( i love Keanu )

Now, I would even love him more if I knew that his intentions of participating in the movie were far more than those of just another leading role. Will I ever know ? Keanu, did (do) you care ?


We knew some of the plot based on the previews… and since we are movie buffs (watch too many to count).

A couple of things that stood out : first the idea that someone, other than humanity, would come save the earth from ourselves, and the advanced (conceptualized for the movie) materials.

Sure we need it ! … that is : someone to save the earth from us…

Have you seen the Oil Spill .. & the damage we’ve done ?

Don’t know about you but, I wish someone would come and save us.

Unfortunately (or should i say tragically) the ones of us that care.. not a little, but truly do care, are not nearly the slightest of enough, empowered, or able, to save our planet. It is a truth we must admit.

We (not just BP) are killing our planet.

Right now BP is the target since they are the ones in the public’s eye, and no.. I’m not making excuses at all… but,

What about technology ?

We were in discussion yesterday the we dispose of so many parts & materials that are inert, that cannot be re-used or recycled… we just, throw them out.

Began because Bobby’s computer totally went out. Three years of life, and out. It is a crime when we cannot do anything now with what’s left.

It may simply, as all others, end up here :

Another example is the iPhone (& i’m sure its not the only one) but, when I asked about replacing the battery for the original one I purchased (remember the metal one)… I was told by a ‘genius’ that I needed to simply buy a new one. No battery to be inserted.

I did, as everyone else in the planet does, get a new one. Now the old sits around, and I dwell plenty on what the heck to do with it.

Do you still doubt that we are far from the land of “WALL-E” ?


( I do hope Pixar is working on developing the real thing… )


On the Advanced materials mentioned…

How wonderful !

Wouldn’t it just be great to have a protective self-healing skin/body wrap? … maybe it would have saved some of our victim friends from the Spill.

What about a bio-material as powerful and organic as the one on the big BIG guy that is protecting Keanu ?

If you refer to my  ” Let’s talk CONCRETE(ly).. “ post you will see that, there are individuals all around the world working on such technologies. We’re looking to be those people.

In the case of those individuals, and of us, it’s for architecture/construction… but how about just all material ?

What if we could not dispense of technology parts, or iPhones, or anything for that matter ?! .. what if we could co-exist in-sync with our planet & its resources, and that all be bio-degradable, re-generating, self-healing, self-protecting… etc…

That’s the world I want to live in!… Will it be your world ?


What IF the earth did stand still ?..  and to give us a warning :

Change and move on… Or you’re moving Out !

( ohh wait a minute… what was that?… was that another earthquake? )




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