Vivi’s take on Architecture

Posted in interviews, opinion, stuff by DS26 on 06.07.2010

After being inspired by Bob Borson’s (@bobborson ) article “An Interview with Kate Borson..” , and seeing the fascinating and keen perspective that a child can bring about the profession, we decided to interview Vivi.

We found a few minutes, in her busy schedule, for a quick phone Q&A.

Vivi is Tabitha’s 5 year-old niece.

She’s sharp. She’s quick. She’s intuitive. She’s witty… and we can’t wait to hear what she has to say.

Here we go !


the Studio : Vivi, what do we do for a living ?

Vivi : Whaaat ? … shut up, I can’t heaaar ! (she yells away from the phone)

the Studio : [chuckle]

Vivi : it’s Carlitos… (her lil’ brother)

the Studio : It’s Carlitos ? Tell him to be quiet.

Vivi : I ammm.

the Studio : Vivi, so.. what do we do for a living ? for a profession… do you know ?

Vivi : Nooo.

the Studio : Ok.. We are Architects (without getting into the unlicensed part… that would really confuse her).            Vivi, do you know what an Architect does ?

Vivi : Yes.

the Studio : What does an Architect do ?

Vivi : I said whaaat does it do ?!

the Studio : In school they didn’t teach you what an Architect does ?

Vivi : A Archi.. A Architec ?

the Studio : An Architect…

Vivi : A Architect ?

the Studio : Yes, an Architect. I will tell you what we do, and then we’ll continue. We design buildings.

Vivi : Ok… wait a minute. I’m gonna tell Carlitos to be quiet.


the Studio : Vivi, are you back ?

Vivi : Aha.

the Studio : So… What does an Architect do ?

Vivi : Architect do ? … I dunno.

the Studio : We just told you, they design buildings.

Vivi : they make nice buildings.

the Studio : that’s right. Do you think it’s difficult, designing buildings ?

Vivi : uh-huh. Yes.

the Studio : why do you think it’s difficult ?

Vivi : I’ve never seen it before.

the Studio : How long do you think it takes to design a building ?

Vivi : I dunno.

the Studio : Let’s look at an example: your house. How long do you think it takes to design your house ?

Vivi : ahhmmm, 101.

the Studio : 101 what ? Hours ?

Vivi : 101 miiiinutes.

the Studio : And, how much do you think that person got paid to design your house ?

Vivi : mmhh. A lot. mmmh mmh $100.

the Studio : $100 ? .. Sounds like a lot of money. What can you buy with $100 ?

Vivi : you can buy 100 stuff.

the Studio : 100 stuff ?. Where can you buy 100 stuff for $100 ?

Vivi : some at target, some at walgreens, some at walmart…

the Studio : [chuckle] If you had $100 what would you buy ?

Vivi : ahhmm. I’d buy a tooooy. – I can’t heeear (she yells again at Carlitos).

the Studio : So, Vivi, for Architecture, do you think we have to go to school ?

Vivi : ahhmm. Yeap.

the Studio : And, how long do you think that took ?

Vivi : ahhmm. More days than you go to 1st grade.

the Studio : And, do you think Architecture school was hard ?

Vivi : ahhmm. Nope. – Momma tell Carlitos to be quiet.. cause, Tabi.. I can’t heeeaaar. (she tells my sister)

the Studio : Next question. Do you think it takes more people than an Architect to build a house ?

Vivi : mhh.. (long pause here) 2.

the Studio : 2 ? And what do they do ?

Vivi : make a house. They make the rooms, houses like they have bathrooms, and then my bedroom. ahhm, and stuff that you need for your house.

the Studio : What about your school ?

Vivi : they’re building a new school, but I’m only in 1st grade.

the Studio : [chuckle] No, I meant how many people it takes to build your school ?

Vivi : oh. ahhmmm.. I think like 10.

the Studio : I see, and how long do you think that would take ?

Vivi : ohmm.. that can take (pause).. 180 minutes.

the Studio : Well Vivi, good. We thank you for your answers.

Vivi : okeeey.

the Studio : Sooo… What do you want to be when you grow up.. Do you know ?

Vivi : a artist.

the Studio : An Artist ? What kind of Artist ?

Vivi : ahhm. A artist that paints.

the Studio : Wow, an Artist that paints. That’s great. ( little does she know some of us Archs start that way.. as Artists )

Vivi : I’m already gonna be an Artist, cause I already know how to paint.

the Studio : Vivi, that’s aweeeesome.

Vivi : I’m gonna be on of them right?! because I’m almost in 1st grade, and on Monday I’m gonna be there, aaand I’m gonna have a paaarty at my schooool.

the Studio : So, are you going to paint something for me ? Now that you’re an Artist ?

Vivi : yes.

the Studio : What are you going to paint for me ?

Vivi : I’m not tellin you, it’s a surpriiiiise.

the Studio : Ok. Well we love you Vivi ok ? Thank you for your time.

Vivi : Okeeeey. Bu-bye.


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