not just another dance…

Posted in events, opinion, stuff by DS26 on 06.13.2010


the universal music icon, was selected as the official artist for the World Cup 2010, and she is one that has always stood for education.

One instance is piez descalzos , an organization founded in Colombia.

During the last few days, after the launch of the official song for the world cup, she has made a call to everyone out there to “dance” waka waka for this “1 gol” .. education for all.

the challenge

waka waka, like any other official world cup song, is a very happy dance song .. it encourages engagement from people .. & calls for a move or two.

The dance is explained through “the call”, and Shakira requests a counter- video .. a response and to benefit the “1 gol” // View instructions in Shakira’s YouTube Channel

Architects… waka waka

As a means of celebration of this year’s AIA National Convention  (+ a 6th Good Reason to attend in addition to the 5 previously addressed ), and to celebrate being in such a fun place as is Miami Beach..

Dancing just… seemed like the natural thing to do.

So we invited Architects to come out to Lincoln Road, at 4:45pm on a hot Friday afternoon ..


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