meet our new neighbors ! ( & yes, you can eat them all )

Posted in opinion, stuff by DS26 on 07.12.2010

Finally, we arrived in Chicago after great ordeal that involved a few thousand miles with a 60 lbs. pup in the passenger’s seat,  and two weeks of 20+ architecture/engineering/construction inclined teenagers.

How exactly did we get here ? … mmmh!… ?

In any case, after one week in the City, we find ourselves more alive than ever. At every corner.

Architecturally, culturally… in my particular case, even ethnically ( I find that every time we stumble upon a wonderful food ‘parlor’, I immediately succumb to their heritage… )

For those of you that are local, you’re lucky and may know them well… If you aren’t… sorry?!

Meet our new neighbors !

1. Bridgeport Coffee Company

A small, but very popular ( and very good ) coffee joint we found down our street, at the corner of Morgan & 31st. Bridgeport Coffee Company definitely sets a high standard.

Our favorite thing about this place ( besides our complimentary 1st-time-in espresso shots ) is that the staff is awfully friendly, the coffee is extremely good, and the breakfast sandwich ( not having had lunch there yet ) is one of a kind… I tried the ‘everything’ bagel with eggs, cheddar, mayo, mustard, jalapeños, pickels, tomatoes, s&p… yummy.

We also loved the old ceiling, the mason jars for H2O, 2 available wi-fi(s), and the very happy day-lighting by the window… lovely space.

2. Zaytune Mediterranean Grill

A newly opened ( we assume by all other online posts ) small place, close by the coffee, where one can get a very nice, fresh, lunch.

At Zaytune we particularly loved the yogurt cucumber dill salad, and the home-made flat breads. Nice.

3. La Palapa Mariscos

This one place… man oh man. 5 Stars !

If you want a very beach-y, spanish, seafood flavor… and if you are not scared of B.Y.O.B…. this place is for you.

When we went to La Palapa, we ran into it accidentally on our way to Target. It was busy busy with people… always a good ‘food’ sign.

So we said, what the heck… let’s try it.

Inside my order was not what I requested, but chose to stick with it… and was blown away. Believe me, I am not one to be very happy when my orders are wrong ( out in a restaurant ), but I can admit it was delicious.

A piece of South America + Florida (shark at the top and all) for me here in Chicago.

So next time you drop by Bridgeport… Feel free to eat up our new neighbors.

Well worth it !


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