Ivonne (a teenager) & Architecture…

Posted in interviews, opinion by DS26 on 07.22.2010

After [ Vivi’s Interview ] we thought (and since she’s here) maybe Ivonne’s perspective would be a different and good one. So we asked her to contribute..

I promise a step up in entertainment with this one (and that this will be the last… maybe…)



Tabitha : Ivonne, are you up for an interview ?

Ivonne : Sure !

Tabitha : Are you ready ?

Ivonne : I’m tiiireeeeeed. I never wake up this early (she says at 10:30am)

Tabitha : When do you usually get up ?

Ivonne : 11, if nothing at night. When I do, 12 or 1 pm.

Bobby : Reason she doesn’t eat breakfast is that she gets up for lunch.

Tabitha : So, Ivonne, do you know what it is that we do for a living ?

Ivonne : Yes. I do.

Tabitha : Would you care to elaborate ?

Ivonne : You and Bobby design structures, and buildings, and stuff… and do the interior, and the exterior… (texting away)

Ivonne continued : I think my aunt has this chair for rocking the baby… did you get it at Ikea? (texting… munch munch on buffalo pretzels)

Bobby : (chuckle)

Tabitha : It sounds like you know what you’re talking about. Let’s get into some more complicated questions.

Ivonne : (munch munch… looking down into pretzel bag) there’s no more big ones!

Tabitha : What do you think Ivonne, an Architect should get paid, considering all things stated ?

Ivonne : (munch munch) mmmhh… ok. I think they should be paid, a reasonable amount, like $70,000 or $80,000 a year. But I think teachers and architects should be paid the same.

Tabitha : Why do you say that ? Why should teachers and architects make the same ?

Ivonne : Because they’re both the start of something. Without an architect you can’t have a buildings. Without teachers you can’t have architects to design the buildings.

Bobby : (making noise in the other room… building a fan)

Tabitha : That’s a good point. But, what about the fact that teachers deal with intangible, knowledge that is, and architects deal with the tangible, built space ?

Ivonne : I don’t know… I don’t get the question. (texting…)

Tabitha : I’ll explain. Is there not a difference in teachers just teaching knowledge, intangibles, and architects that design built environments, tangibles?…

Ivonne : Yes. There is a difference… actually no. Wait. I don’t know, I don’t like this question… can we move on? (smirk)

Tabitha : Fine. In terms of getting paid, you talk about $70,000 or so. What if you are self-employed. For example, Bobby and I want to begin our office. Do you think we will (or should) make $70,000 ?

Ivonne : I think you guys will exceed it because you are great people, your head is set in what you want, and you should because you are hard workers (texting)

Tabitha : (awwww. sweet!) That’s nice Ivonne. Question though: if an architect should make $70,000, and we hired say 5… then do we still make $70,000 ?

Ivonne : oh no. You’ll make more…

Tabitha : Ok. What about a client wanting to build a building. How much do you think an architect should charge a client looking for services ?

Ivonne : maybeee… $600-700 per hour. That’s what I would charge if I was an Architect. Psychologists make $300.

Tabitha : why do you think we should make more than a psychologist ?

Ivonne : because psychologists listen to you, and give advice… but architects design buildings.

Tabitha : what if I told you some architects just make the $300 or so, and others are working nearly for free because of the market ?

Ivonne : oh no… I wouldn’t. It will let them walk all over architects. Not sure how to word what I’m trying to say…

Tabitha : do you think people walk all over architects now ?

Ivonne : yes i do.

Tabitha : One last question Ivonne.. what do you think $1,000,000 gets you, if you include design, construction/labor and material costs ?

Ivonne : an average size building. Nothing huge, nothing small… maybe like the Radisson Hotel on the beach we had in Fort Pierce.

Ivonne continued : how much did Aqua cost to make, or whatever.. that one ?

Tabitha : If I had to guess… I would say Aqua cost around $200-300 million.  [ our take on Aqua ]

Ivonne : God.. darn it!! (shocked)

Ivonne continued : how much did the Radisson in Fort Pierce cost ?

Tabitha : considering the location, and when it was built, I would guess $100-150 million.

Ivonne : (completely bug-eyed) then.. what’s a $1,000,000 building ? (concerned/shocked still…)

Tabitha : Bobby, would you care to answer…

Bobby : McDonalds, or something of that sort. (not much thought… as he’s emailing away)

Ivonne : Who would spend $1 million in making a McDonalds?.. America, sorry !! (sarcastic tone there at end)

Ivonne continued : that’s retarded… you would only see that in America (by the way Ivonne does NOT like McDonalds)

Tabitha : ok Ivonne.. you learned something new today. Thank you for time.

Ivonne : uhu.. you’re welcome (texting texting…)

Ivonne continued : no Tabi… i’m Facebooking !



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