CHI(natown) Toys !

Posted in stuff by DS26 on 07.24.2010

So, yesterday, due to my little sister being here (and somewhat because she is a perfectly quartered venezuelan, italian, german, chinese girl) we went to Chinatown in Chicago.

( if you noticed in [ Ivonne & Architecture ] … her eyes are slightly asian-ised.. Ha! )

One exit away from our house… it is just about a skip away on the red.

Even though it was scorching… we walked the path, lively buildings on both sides of the street.

But, what I was most amused by were the Toys…

Toys. Toys. Toys.

Dolls, swords, little things… Buddhas… dresses… bamboos… all sorts of things for sale… at every store.

It was wonderful. Colors. Patterns. All things one would want (& does not necessarily need) Asian.

Take these beauties, for example… (BobbyZ thought they were a little too real)

And, right behind… the little boy toys. I loved these. Metal made, crazy nick-nack-y Rex… nuts, bolts…

who the heck wouldn’t want that?

So many buddhas.. so little time..

Are you looking for health? money? love? luck?… Chinatown has a buddha pho ju !


Plus… these are some of my faves.

The really modern dolls. Usually see these in cool perfume bottles at the store. (Can’t remember the name now… have never bought them, but always amused by packaging/bottle design)

This one that looks like she’s riding CTA :

And this one was definitely happy to be in front of the camera :

There were also toys for all ages…

Example, the yard type toys for adults would be ones that JadaZ would be definitely scared of when walking by…

And other wonderful things…

We always love the ‘lucky’ bamboo.

But no matter how many toys we saw, how many stores, how many markets, here is the best part of it all :

people that are working really hard, day to day, to make ends meat.

People that, with pride and joy, enjoy a craft (like this guy we found at the front counter of his own store)… he was sculpting away like no one was watching.

Best of all was definitely the people…

Horse sculpture, anyone?



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