grow baby, GROW !

Posted in stuff, sustainability by DS26 on 07.29.2010

Yes, it is BobbyZ ‘s birthday, but no I’m not talking to him this time.

This is a blog post ‘update’ on our veggie (rented apt) indoor potted garden.

If you remember our last post [ Now… eat the fruits of your labor! ] , we introduced you to some very sustainably advanced individuals (& friends) and our small attempt to begin our very own green garden at home.

Certainly, my main interest is due to the fact that I am a veggie monster (unlike BobbyZ who’s a cookie monster).

Give me a red & green pepper and I will add some mango and chicken, red wine and soy… and make you the best stir fry you ever had.

Give me a tomato… and i’ll eat it and cook it 1 million ways.

Give me a garden at home that gives the peppers and tomatoes, and oh my goodness. Someone stop me.

The garden, slow to grow, showed some signs of life at end of week 1, at least in the cucumber pot. Funny how that cucumber was fast :

A couple of weeks into it, exactly 15 calendars day later, we now have all 3 plants going.


We transplanted our cucumber to a bigger pot, and now are thinking on getting serious and visiting a store for the 3 kinds of peppers (I need them all in my life), some more herbs, and I am hoping for some fruit.

Problematically, most fruits are trees, and I cannot plant trees in my back sunroom.   :(

Here are the snapshots of the day :

Now… with a tiny pot left unused… and the bag’s remaining soil, we decided to put it to good use and planted a second tomato plant.

Yesss !

One can never get enough tomatoes.

Grow baby, GROW !

Here is how our free garden is looking, after clean up.

We are on our way !



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