neither here, nor there . . .

Posted in opinion, stuff by DS26 on 08.06.2010

I tell you… I find myself in this position, as does BobbyZ, as we speak.

It truly Sucks !

The ‘Here’, a student or new graduate, with little or no experience has a decent shot at a job (of the little jobs there may be).

There is sort of a “good value” to employers. They acquire the ‘CAD monkey’, or a production or rendering Guru. Maybe someone that can whip out some serious Goggle SketchUp in a few hours.

In this bad market, even maybe a better value… employers will get away with paying a decently skilled graduate what they pay a Barista at Starbucks (they may even leave out the benefits).

The “There”… you guessed it … the license.

Also  very few, but still advertised jobs for licensed professionals. Mostly under a simple contract, or on a per-project basis, but there are out there. Some with contractors, others with developers.

We, almost “There” but not yet, and definitely waaayyy past the “Here”… well… We have to settle for designing whatever (for Bobby is cardboard furniture for our new apartment… yes he even whipped out a SketchUp model for it… for me is the DS26 thumbs, and other minimal graphic type work)

If you are neither here, nor there…

please know you are not alone.

Things will, effectively, get better. It is the nature of the cyclical economic system… we do say though:

while you wait…

consider doing whatever else lets your creative juices flow…



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