rhythms, balance, harmony . . .

Posted in music+architecture, opinion, other architects, projects by DS26 on 08.19.2010

these are things that can be found to be distinctly important in two areas : music + architecture.

there are different ways one can explore the connection between the two.

firstly, technically. of course, one can connect the two in terms of acoustics/acoustical values, reverberation in a space, sight lines and distances… however i, as many others do believe, find that there is a much deeper connection. an ethereal connection.

why don’t we explore this idea ?

architecture + music . . .

architecture is the art of the creation of space, lives within the medium of air, and it is to be experienced by people.

music is the art of the creation of sound (pleasant) through the medium of air (in space), to be experienced by the people.

both carry one end goal, and they are pretty closely related to each other in terms of ‘delivery’.

they both need rhythms, balance, harmony, hierarchies, repetition. both could be mathematically determined, and analyzed.

is that the key ? mathematics ? …

but, both are generated by the right side of a human’s brain…under ‘the arts’. however, since i do not have electroencephalographies (eeg) to prove it, i would like to simply assume the activity can be found close by. and, how do i know this ?

well, take for instance how it went for me :

when i was young, really young, i was actively involved in classical music. all of it from theories, to instruments (piano, guitar), and vocal training… and though i spent my everyday dedicating at least 5 hours to my musical training somehow, at 8 years old, i had the epiphany while standing in front of a geodesic dome full of structural steel details that, i would become an architect.

poliedro de caracas / venezuela

how does that happen, really ?

how does someone that, for such an expansive amount of time (about 10 years) is involved in music, does suddenly become keenly aware that architecture (space + details) is what will be ?

i think back at such times and find myself puzzled.

why wasn’t i going to be a musician? a singer (as i was, and doing well) ?… but instead an architect ?

it also helps that, the space where i mostly enjoyed performing, was an architectural gem of mid-century modern. a place of deep cantilevers, exposed concretes, and clean lines. i would be on my way to perform, and i could not help but to marble at the ‘architecture’. there was, for me, a direct relationship.

teatro teresa carreño de caracas / venezuela

but . . .

what about @arch_girl (jenny) ? … or my friends enrique & luis daniel, better known (along with 2) as mojo pojo ? …

i would encourage you listen to the last (that’s why i linked their myspace page instead of website)… founder enrique (lead voice & bass) was actually in classical music school with me, every day, and i find that they are now a greatly sophisticated new pleasant sound. i love their stuff.

these are all full-fledged musicians + full-fledged architects

we are not halved, or a bit of each, but surely both. fully.

so i am not alone. and, would it be safe to assume we are not the only 4 in the world ? … therefore, since it is not one, or two, but likely a crowd, there has got to be a greater connection ?!

today . . .

after being (mostly) done with my architectural training, meaning a few tests away from a practice, i find myself at the end of the big circle … and returning back to my musical past. admittedly, getting back to singing is not easy when you’ve stepped away for long to acquire some alternative advanced academic background.

a closely related future ?

it has been always my dream to achieve my license, and put it to good use to develop-design-build a science+arts cultural complex of sorts. it is a complex process surely… taking a lot longer than i would like it to.

i will see the day i design a space that will host many performances by young aspiring musicians (or musicians+architects) … and will provide a place to make connections, and enjoy a healthy and culture-filled life.


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