results are in… did they love it ?

As some of you may know, I was part of the staff this past summer for the Duke TIP program, at Duke University.

The class :

Green Architecture 2010 (we suggested to change it’s name). It included 9th through 12th graders.

(picture above is the class, and we asked them to make a structure… ha!)

The Results :

The numbers below represent the highest ranked response out of 24 students in the class.

Q1. What they enjoyed the most…

17 answered the Interactive Group Planning Activity

This is what the planning activity looked like… plan + present to the class. It was chosen random, and they did 3 or 4 different complete site plans (including developing a programmatic solution)

Q2. What is recommended to improve program next year…

6 responded they want a level II class (not many submitted an answer)

Q3. What they gained…

13 answered ‘Knowledge’

Q4. Under additional Comments…

one response read

“All of the instructors were great. Tabitha was extra personable and gave us more specifics about getting into the field of Architecture.”

a few others:


“Can I come back?”

“I came into this course not knowing how I would like the ‘green’ aspect. But now I absolutely love it because of how much I loved this course.”


As much as it was a learning experience for them, it also definitely was for me. There was magic in seeing how the untainted minds of them would think through problems, and resolve for a solution.

By the end of the two week course they completed a building project, on their own, sustainable, and had to develop a 3D Google SketchUp model, pin up, and formally present to all of us.

There was so much talk about our class, they actually gained an external audience coming in to the presentations.

Their solutions were genius. I can be certain some will stay in the A/E profession(s), and will be outstanding.

Enjoyed spending time, telling them about the profession, and even played “apples to apples” and poker endlessly.

I enjoyed every minute, and hope to return next year. We’ll see if I get invited.

For now, I can honestly say…

…  I Feel Loved !



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