Architect?.. Get ‘Licensed’ or get over it !

Posted in opinion, other architects by DS26 on 09.05.2010

Alright everyone…

The omelette was the last straw.

As I was watching television last night, Denny’s the famed breakfast place advertised for you “to be your own omelette Architect”. Say what?!

I had to get close to the tv… I thought I heard wrong.

Not only do we have to deal with IT Professionals bogging down our “Architect” category at every job search engine site, but now this?

Products have been also popping up in shelves at stores near you that throw the term around like it means nothing… A razor. A mascara.

I even see some of my followers on Twitter call themselves that, or interior architects, when they shouldn’t.

The more I thought about the subject last night, after the omelette incident, I remembered one of my favorite tv shows: How I met your mother… (HIMYM)

HIMYM is a great show by CBS with an “Architect” as lead… but is he really an Architect?… my guess is not… at least not as per the United States, and his State’s Board Requirements.

They show Ted throwing the term around, and building models… even designing a sky-scraper… which then the “Owner” considers.

CBS: Could you please do the right thing and have the content step back, for the sake of the public, and give Ted a license?!… Professionals around the country would greatly appreciate it.

I am making this public statement because the show’s writers/producers went as far as to air an episode about Marshall’s BAR exam. Yet, Ted does not seem to have properly completed his professional registration.

From what has been on the show… he’d be a half-way intern at best.

I would also like to add to all manufacturers out there, and to Denny’s… our profession is not a joke.

Life Safety (as in yours every day) is part in our hands, and we work very hard to get to that. Much harder than anyone seems to care to see. It takes years of agonizing (at times) work for others, learning a ton, and quite a few “Bar” exams if you will. Seven in total.

Let’s be realistic everybody. Our profession has lost the majority of its value… when it lost control over its title.

Some may want to tell me it is out of respect… well. Not sure about all that people.

Truth is there isn’t any more respect left to have.

There’s certainly no understanding of the process even… not even when publicly placed in context.


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  1. Gary Barnett said, on 10.17.2010 at 12:35


    I really enjoyed this blog – because you touch on something that I spend a lot of time thinking about – the “IT Architect”. I’m reminded of something that a professional Architect (of the olde-fashioned buildings variety) once said to me – “There’s no such thing as a professional IT architect, and there won’t be till IT Architects are trained as such, certified as such, and are willing to be held professionally liable as such”

    The IT industry has a long way to go before it achieves the level of professionalism that is really necesary before you can describe it as a “profession”.

  2. […] Architect?.. Get ‘Licensed’ or get over it ! September 2010 1 comment 3 […]

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