Santiago.. i find myself JEALOUS !

Posted in music+architecture, opinion, other architects by DS26 on 10.02.2010

I call him by his first name since, after my visit to the U of Miami and his presentation

(+ his big signature in the front of my copy of the free handout, see below)…

I have always felt like I know him well.

Actually, more than a signature and a ‘rock-star architect’ status (given by the frenzy upon his arrival), I was very much taken back by his artistry and business/presentation skills. He had a very strong presence, and a very thick spanish accent.

A movie was played, that day, that I’ve never been able to find again. I have looked for it everywhere. It was breathtaking. The mechanisms of his buildings moving to very beautiful music…

But as wonderful as his buildings are, they all come from a distinct (the same) place… a piece of art.

Specifically a watercolor.

( see the signature?… it matches mine… )   :D

In addition to visualizing his buildings as art… he also expresses movement, live from the human body (or birds, or insects)…

this is usually the greater part of his inspiration for the project solutions.

So, why would I be JEALOUS ?

Santiago has found joy in quiet moments of solitude to carry out architecture as art.

I wish for the day I do…

The minutia of the everyday, and bureaucracy of professional practice in the United States, slowly (and surely) take my every day away… and I cannot find the quiet.

Santiago, an artist, has also found the ability and the clients to carry out art as architecture.

In being able to carry out architecture as art, and art as architecture, he has been able to find the ‘completeness’ of our beautiful profession.

And, I’m Jealous…


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