26 Resolutions

Posted in opinion by DS26 on 12.30.2010

26[at]41 for *2011

NO, I’m not about to list 26 resolutions… whaaat?… that would be silly!

Here are 7:

1. We’ll tweet everyday, at least once a day. ~ Wait!…

2. We’ll improve our appearance to look more like architects.  ~ Hey, psssst, you!… Can you help us?

3. We’ll finish our living city design competition submission.  ~ And we’ll tell you all about it too…

4. We’ll both be licensed before the year’s end. ~ I hope!

5. We’ll become better sales people, and better business people… see if we can take our venture to the next level.  ~ Yes, I want to believe I’ve already started. Don’t burst my bubble please…

6. We’ll continue to mentor younger and/or the completely clueless people out there about good design. ~ And how it does not mean more expense, a waste, unnecessary, and it means quality of life, experience, joy…

7. We’ll OPEN SHOP… that is We’ll start. Begin. Take Off. Take Flight…. We’ll rumble the engines and make noise. Throw your hands up. HOLLA! ~ I borrowed that from @modernsauce


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  1. ModernSauce said, on 12.30.2010 at 18:47

    HOLLA!! My new year’s resolution should be to NOT say that anymore… ; )

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